5 Great Lessons from Customer Service Mistakes

A cruise ship captain once said, “There’s always a weird person at your dinner table. If you’re sitting with several couples and you can’t figure out who the weird one is, chances are it’s you.”   The same can be true of customer service.   Every business is convinced they offer stellar service but if you can’t […]

27 Engaging Ways to Use Mother’s Day in Your Marketing

Mother’s Day is an ideal way to honor the women in your life who have helped you become the person you are today. In recent years, it has surpassed the celebration of one’s own mother and encompassed grandmothers, women we think of as second mothers, mother-in-laws, fur moms, best friends, and even female mentors. Mother’s […]

20 Ways to Celebrate National Holidays

As I write this article, it’s not only National Empanada Day, but also Zoo Lovers Day. And I plan to go to bed early to rest up for tomorrow’s big double celebration of National Winston Churchill Day and National Unicorn Day.   All in, there are 257 national holidays in April alone. If you’re like […]

5 Wellness Ideas For Your Business

5 Wellness Ideas for Your Business Whether your team works from home or in an office, whether you are a business of one or one hundred and one, taking care and making time for wellness is becoming increasingly important. Stress levels because of what’s going on in the world around us are increasing. You may […]