La Salle Manor Retreat Center

La Salle Manor is a non-profit retreat center focused on serving youth and all those seeking to improve themselves through holistic personal development. Groups can rent our 80+ year old log cabin lodge, and groups and individuals can utilize our 47+ acre property on the outsikirts of Plano, IL to connect with God and rejuvenate their spirit. Our retreat team is also available to lead retreats at La Salle Manor and at off-site locations. We have a 57 bed dorm for groups, and a private suite available individual retreats of up to 3.

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12480 Galena Rd
Plano, IL 60545 


(630) 552-3224 (Main)

The Homestead 1854

The Homestead 1854 is a hidden oasis nestled in a Plano, IL neighborhood that has hosted dignitaries and guests for over a century. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the restored property was established in 1854 by Lewis Steward, a businessman, politician, and philanthropist. Today, it serves as a two-acre intimate wedding venue.

With its charming and historic architecture, The Homestead 1854 offers a truly exclusive experience for those looking to escape the ordinary.

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Categories: Hospitality/TravelVenues

611 E Main St
Plano, IL 60545 


(630) 552-4322 (Main)