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Wela is an Old English word that means prosperity. It is where our word for ‘wealth’ comes from; or also our word for ‘well’ as in “well done good and faithful servant”.

At Wela Financial, we help our clients pursue prosperity. Prosperity doesn’t just mean a big balance statement. It encompasses a life plan and fulfillment of that plan. We believe that we all have been given many blessings by God. These blessings include our talents, families, assets, incomes, passions, relationships and time. It is our goal to help our clients steward and use all of these blessings wisely.

We fulfill this through an ongoing planning process. We elicit from you, our clients, your dreams, goals, and plans by listening and asking great questions. We then help you build and manage and ultimately impact your world by providing you with solutions and tools that fit you. Plans will eventually evolve and change as we journey through life and reach new chapters and have new callings. At one time it might have been “help me build financial security” and now it might be “help me pass this on to others”. We desire to be there every step of the way.

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1419 Cannonball Trail
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